Orlando Pool Companies: All Seasons Pools Builds ‘Rocking’ Designs

When All Seasons Pools, a Orlando pool company, designs a natural formation into a swimming pool, you can see, feel and hear the difference.

Adding natural features like rock waterfalls to a swimming pool simply transforms any home into an oasis. Foremost, the sound of the flowing water cascading over the rock is relaxing and tranquil. Or, you can just imagine the ocean currents crashing against a stony shore.

Among Orlando pool builders, All Seasons Pools is unmatched. Our rock features come in so many sizes and shapes that each can be as unique as you can imagine. Go for the babbling brook effect of water flowing from one rock to another, or raise the waterfall drop so that water makes a louder sound.

The most common size water fall is about two tons. For extra creativity, the designers at All Seasons Pools can take it up a notch and create a 10 ton rock waterfall slide where the slide is incorporated into the boulders.

A waterfall cave also makes for a unique design. The cave sits at the edge of the pool and is recessed enough for the owners to stand under it and see water falling over rocks in front of them. Inside the cave might be a bench where you can sit and enjoy the sounds. Dramatic lighting adds to the ambiance at night.

Another type of waterfall is known as sheers descents. It produces a clear arch of water which projects away from a raised wall. This can become a dramatic focal point in an in ground pool. Typically, you can adjust the flow to create different effects – from clear glass-like flows to rushing streams. You can get them from one foot to eight feet in length. They are fun for the entire family, especially those who like to entertain in the back yard.

Rock compositions include fieldstone, moss rock boulders, limestone, grey granite, and many others. The installers at All Seasons Pools, one of Orlando ’s premier pool companies, will incorporate the selected material and conceptualize a design after meeting with the homeowner. We give them different ideas about what can work with the area involved. In the end, what is achieved is magical.

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