The Best Way to Research Pool Companies

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to build a pool. Now there’s only one thing standing in your way between you and your dream pool- choosing between pool companies.

There are plenty of pool companies out there, and for the uninitiated it can be very tough to determine which ones are reliable and which ones are not to be trusted. Hiring the wrong pool builders can lead to lots of frustration, stress and wasted financial resources. It is important to know which pool construction companies are legitimate, hard working businesses looking to give you the pool of the dreams.

This basic guide is perfect for helping to give you some sort of leverage by knowing what methods to use and what questions to ask.

Basic Advice on How to Choose Between Pool Companies

  • Look for the best people, not the best price: Many customers make their decisions based entirely on pricing. While making sure that the prices you are quoted fit within your budget, it is important to gauge the quality of the people in the pool companies. You are going to be working with these people directly, and they are going to be at your home. Not only do you not want any malfeasance to occur, you also want to make sure that these pool companies do not try to pull a bait and switch- that is, quoting you a cheap price so that they can get their foot in the door and then charging extra for things that should have been included in the contract.
  • Make sure they are certified (FSPA, BBB): As with any industry, it is important that the people you hire are certified to do their job. Pool companies that do not have certification are often unqualified to do the work you need them to do, and are probably not the best pick for your pool installation process.
  • References: Ask for as many references as you can get. If a builder can’t give you a long list of references from satisfied customers, be wary of teaming with them. Pool companies that do great work are thrilled show it off.
  • Make sure they have workmen’s compensation and general liability insurance: Many pool companies hire subcontractors to build your pool. Although you may have signed a contract with the pool company, these subcontractors are not an actual part of that company, and anything that happens on your property could turn into a huge liability for you. A General Liability policy protects you from lawsuits and other liabilities to those laborers, and Workmen’s Compensation insurance will protect you from having to pay for the subcontractor’s lost wages. Professional pool companies will have both of these policies in place, taking you out of harm’s way when it comes to legal disputes.

Ready to talk to a pool company you can count on?

There’s more to picking out swimming pool builders than the 4 tips we listed above, but those tips are a great starting point. If you’d like more advice about how to pick out the best pool builders, check out this article. We have tons of resources available to you and want you to make the best decision when deciding between pool companies, even if you don’t pick us. If you’d like to talk to some swimming pool professionals, contact All Seasons Pools or come visit one of our locations.

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