The Phases of Pool Construction

phases of pool construction

Getting a pool built for your home can be an exciting experience, as you watch your yard change into the backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of. While pools are great additions to any family home, there is a construction process involved, which might leave you wondering what the pool building process is like. Here is a brief overview of what the phases of pool construction are so that you know what to expect when it’s time to create your watery paradise.

Preparatory Stages

Before construction can begin on your pool, you first must settle on a design. Your pool construction company will help you determine which area of your yard would best be suited for such a structure. Once you have decided on a design and a location, and once all of your permits have been issued, the construction process can begin.

Firstly, the sod where your pool will go will be stripped away and properly disposed of. Stake forms will layout the shape of your pool so that the proper area is dug out and shaped accordingly. After digging, to further shape the area where the pool will be laid, a professional and skilled shaper will correct any inconsistencies with a back hoe.

Installation Phases of Pool Construction

Once the first phase of pool construction is complete, the plumbing can be installed. After the pipes go in, steel is bent and put in place as a barrier of the foundation before the gunite is applied. Gunite is a mixture of water, cement and sand, which is typically applied with a pressure hose. It’s not until after the installation of the gunite that the form begins to look like a pool.

The ground is then graded and the remainder of the plumbing is put into place. Waterline tile is installed around the pool’s perimeter, followed by the construction of the deck. An inspection will have to take place before the concrete for the deck can be poured, but once the concrete is in place, the textured acrylic can be applied. This acrylic is what will make your deck sparkle in the sunlight and give you a smooth surface to walk on.

Final Touches

After your deck is squared away, the construction company will clean up your yard and clean out the interior of the pool. The step tile is then installed, and the swimming pool interior will be put into place. Now, finally, your pool is filled with water, but you can’t swim just yet for the final phases of pool construction are not complete.

A service technician will fire up the pool equipment and give everything a thorough cleaning. He or she will ensure that everything is running properly, as well as balance the chemicals in your pool. After all is said and done, your pool will be ready for swimming when you are.

To keep your pool looking like-new, have your pool technician come out on a regular basis to run chemical analysis in the water. Additionally, you should have your pool professionally cleaned. Not only will doing so keep your pool looking great, but it will keep your family and friends safe.

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