The Pros and Cons of Owning a Swimming Pool in Orlando

Most people can appreciate a home with its own private swimming pool. Orlando, Florida residents know how appealing it would be to have the convenience of relaxation and fun right at your fingertips. For some, swimming pools are a luxury, while to others, a necessity. Before making the decision to invest in a swimming pool for your home, consider the pros and cons of being a pool owner.

Fun and recreation: Pools can generally be enjoyed by home owners at least 3 months out of the year. Pros: Swimming pools can not only be used as a tool for fun and recreation, they also serve as a great exercise for children and adults. Pool parties for children and late night retreats of relaxation for adults are also very appealing for homeowners.

Cons: Pools can be dangerous for children who don’t know how to swim. Proper safety fencing, door locks in your home, and pool safety can prevent unnecessary pool accidents.

Cost and expense: While swimming pools are great to own, they can be a costly investment.

Pros: Constructing swimming pools in this day and age is much more affordable than it was years ago. Also, if you choose to resell your home, a buyer may be more attracted to your property vs. one without a pool.

Cons: All home renovations and upgrades are equal to what the current market in your area demands. In some cases, you may or may not receive back the money invested.

Maintenance and upkeep: Taking care of a pool requires a lot of time, chemicals, and pool care knowledge.

Pros: Most swimming pool owners know what it takes to keep their pool clean, clear, pristine, and inviting. There are many pool companies that are happy to take on the responsibility of your pool upkeep if you choose not to.

Cons: Safety and health issues may arise if you don’t take proper care of your pool. It is imperative to make sure the PH levels in your pool are accurate to avoid swimmers getting ill as well as algae or other bacteria forming.

Like any home addition, installing a pool has its upsides and downsides. With an experienced pool contractor, however, you can avoid many of the problems and experience most of the benefits. The professionals at All Seasons Pools are here to help you construct and maintain your home swimming pool in Orlando. Give us a call today at 877-410-7665!

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