Top Ten Things to Consider Before You Begin Pool Construction

Pool Construction is an exciting process, but it is also important that you do your due diligence before the construction process begins. The last thing you want when your pool is finished is to realize that you should have done something differently or that you’re missing something important. Thus, we give you the 10 crucial things you need to consider before you start pool construction:

1. Consider the Weather:

Where you live is obviously going to impact your lifestyle, and it certainly impacts your decision-making when it comes to your style of pool and pool amenities. If you live in a place where it gets cold for at least part of the year, or if it rains a lot you should consider adding some kind of enclosure during the pool construction process. Colder environments should also consider a pool heater. Meanwhile, if you live in a windy or heavily-treed area, a swimming pool cover may make sense to ward off unwanted leaves and debris.

2. Understand Why You Really Want Your Pool:

Do you have kids and want them to have a great time during the summer? Do you want a simple pool to exercise in after work? Or perhaps you want to accentuate your home with a pool that boasts a stunning visual aesthetic. When you are looking to begin pool construction, understanding what you are really looking for can help you determine what you really need and how much you need to invest.

3. Find a Reliable Pool Builder:

The pool builders you choose can truly make or break your pool. Not only do they control the process and pricing, their expertise also determines the functionality and visual aesthetic of your pool. It is important to shop around and pick the best pool builders for your lifestyle and budget.

4. Determine a Budget:

While you may have an idea of how much you want to spend on pool construction, it is important to speak to pool companies and get an idea of how much it may cost for what you want. This way, you won’t be disappointed when you go to sign a contract and discover that your budget does not match up with the price you thought it would cost to get the pool of your dreams.

5. Consider Building an Energy-Efficient Pool:

While emphasizing energy efficiency may cost a little more initially, it will help you save money in the long run. Pool covers, pump and lighting timers, and enclosures can all help lower your energy costs and will pay for themselves sooner rather than later. Plus, who doesn’t like helping to save the world?

6. Figure out Water Features Before the Fact:

Features like waterfalls, sconces and fountains are very popular and can boost the visual aesthetic of your pool. However, it is smart to figure out the features you want before pool construction.

7. Size (But Mostly Shape) Matters:

Swimming pool design is critical to the aesthetic and functionality of your pool. Your two basic options are Rectangular Pools, which are good for a classic look or for those who want to swim laps. Kidney-Shaped and Free-Formed Pools look a bit more natural and have a pleasing visual aesthetic.

8. Understand the Pool Installation Process:

Before you undergo pool construction in your yard, it is important to understand the pool installation process, so you’re not surprised by events as they progress.

9. Create a Wish List Before You Talk to a Contractor:

You probably already have your dream pool all planned out in your head. Before you talk to a pool construction company, it is important to do some research and see what features, amenities and technology that you would like to incorporate. It is better to have these things figured out up front, and having them written down ensures that you won’t forget any important details.

10. Make Sure to Have Fun With It!

While it is important to pay attention to all the costs and details of pool construction, don’t let these factors dissuade you from installing the pool of your dreams. Plan out your first pool party and gear up with fun floats, toys and pool games. Doing things like this will remind you why you really wanted a pool in the first place- because they’re awesome!

All Seasons Pools: Your Pool Construction Specialists

Once you make your way through this list, the time has come for you to speak with a contractor and discuss pricing and logistics. All Seasons Pools has been a reliable and trusted pool construction company in Orlando and Jacksonville since 1979. We’ve thrived due to our stellar work and our commitment to tremendous customer service. Start living the dream today and contact All Seasons Pools or stop by one of our locations and check out our showroom.

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