The Top Trends in Pool Design

The top Trends

If your yard is the perfect space for a pool, or if you are interested in upgrading your current set-up, you might be wondering what trends are current in the water-world. Some of these up and coming trends might surprise you while others will stun you with their sheer beauty. With the right pool company in Jacksonville, the use of these different materials and innovative designs trends are sure to make your yard pop.

Sheer Descents

Also known as a scupper, sheer descents look as if a sheet of water is being continuously poured into your pool. These waterfall-like additions will create a relaxing atmosphere where you can kick back and relax while enjoying the sounds of running water. Even if you’re not in the pool, this water feature looks fantastic and increases the aesthetics of your entire yard.

Swim-Up Bars

Forget the days of guests having to leave the pool just to drip around the deck to eat food from a flimsy, paper plate. With a swim-up bar, you and your friends can sit comfortably on stone bar stools in the refreshing water and enjoy a meal or cocktails at the bar. This really is the perfect touch to any pool, creating the ultimate outdoor experience.

Vanishing Edges

Popularly known as infinity edges, vanishing edges make it appear that your pool is being held together with an invisible force. If you have a spectacular view from your backyard, these types of edges can lead the focus of your eye from the pool to the background scenery, which produces stunning effects. Oftentimes, these vanishing edges are made possible by a spill-over water feature, which can recycle clean water back into your pool.

Wood Decking

With a wide-variety of choices, choosing to incorporate wood into your pool’s deck can liven up your yard. Between the grain variants in these woods and the beautiful colors they come in, you can choose the style that will be best suited for your yard. Your pool company in Jacksonville will be able to lay these planks in different designs to give off the perfect Zen look and feel in your yard.

Beach Entries

Though steps can be seen as the grand entrance to your pool, sloped entries are becoming more and more popular. As you’ve likely seen these kinds of pools at resorts or man-made beaches, you can enjoy the benefits of a sloped entry right at home. These types of entries on a pool look fantastic and can seamlessly be incorporated into almost any style of design.

However, if you want a space where you can tan comfortably without having to leave the refreshing water, you would enjoy a tanning ledge or baja bench. Either of these features would look outstanding in your beach entry pool, completing your backyard paradise.

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