What to Expect During the Pool Installation Process

Building a pool is not much different than building a house, although on a much smaller scale. Just like you may have a dream home in mind, you also have a dream pool in mind, and you need to talk with a great contractor to get as close to that dream as possible while still falling within your budget.

Because of this, it is important to know the steps of a typical pool installation process. Knowing the phases of pool installation prepares you for any confusion or delays, and will help you see the project through, and turn your dream into a reality.

The Key Steps of Pool Installation:

  1. Receiving permits and approval from key parties. While many overlook this part of the process, it is an important facet of pool installation and can sometimes hold up pool installation and construction.
  2. When you have all the permits you need, the next phase is the large excavation process. Prepare yourself for a bit of noise and dirt, as your yard will turn into a construction site for a while.
  3. Installation of walls and braces. Once the hole has been excavated, your pool construction company will need to set up walls and braces to keep everything in place for the next step, which is…
  4. Pouring of the concrete bond beam and pool floor. With the walls and braces in place, it is now time for…
  5. Installation of plumbing and electrical. Whether you want a saltwater pool or chlorine, you still need a plumbing system installed. The same goes with lighting and electrical wiring.
  6. Installation of vinyl or gunite lining and coping, which is the smoothing-out process to make sure you do not have bumpy pool walls or bottoms. There are several pool liners that you can use, and it is best to consult Orlando pool builders when trying to find out which is best for you.
  7. Pouring the surrounding deck, which is typically concrete. Not many pools are immediately surrounded by their grassy lawn. Having a deck is important for safety purposes as well as cleanliness, as a deck can cut down on the grass and dirt that makes its way into your pool.
  8. Finishing the area with landscaping and decking based on your specifications. All Seasons Pools has a ton of options for decking, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your house, yard, and lifestyle.

Things To Remember During the Pool Installation Process

Although most companies try to account for delays when estimating final installation, even the most honest pool companies cannot anticipate all the delays that may occur during the pool installation process. It is important that both parties understand this going in, so that tempers do not boil over. If you do a good job of picking out your swimming pool builders, then the process should be easy, and inevitable delays will be quickly dealt with.

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