Why Do Customers Choose All Seasons Pools?

Expert Pool Designers

All Seasons Pools design pools that meet the needs of each homeowner. We work closely with each customer to come up with a pool design that matches all of the feature they are looking for. Take a look at what Paul Dawson, a recent satisfied customer, had to say about his experience choosing All Seasons Pools.



Customer Testimonial

Paul Dawson, from Clermont, Florida, and his family turned to All Seasons Pools, after deciding to have a backyard pool installed, because they love living outdoors. Their entire home and pool had to be designed with special accommodations in mind, for their son Adam, who has special needs. Paul mentioned that, “One thing Adam is great at is swimming. He has been swimming since he was eight months old and he absolutely loves the pool. In fact, my wife and I can’t keep up with him, he’s so good.”

LED Pool Lighting

When you have a pool designed by All Seasons Pools, one of the features that you can consider adding is LED lighting. Available with a range of colors, designs, and functions, choose LED lighting to brighten your pool during the evening hours.

“We love the evenings, because when the sun goes down, the lighting system comes on automatically, and we can put the LED lighting in the pool on, and create various effects. If we want to be chilled out, maybe we’ll put on the Caribbean blue, if we fancy a bit of disco, and putting some music on, we put on the disco lights. It’s fun, it makes us all smile.”

Expert Pool Designers

All Seasons Pools employs a group of experienced pol designers that will meet with you, at your home, and go over design options. Working with you to come up with a design that fits your initial concept, customers always appreciate the commitment of the designers.

“We chose All Seasons Pools for two main reasons. First, was that they are a good company and they have a good product at a good price. But I think the most compelling reason was that Preston, who worked with us during the design of the pool, was so open with ideas and was able to construct a pool that we just fell in love with.”

Because of the design of the pool, there is little maintenance. The water filters, pumps and skimmers can keep the pool clean and tidy. Paul considers himself lucky to have this pool and has shown it to neighbors, who have also gone to All Season Pools for the design of their own backyard retreat. Paul has a few recommendations, that he tells his neighbors about, before they contact All Seasons Pools, “What we say is, be open to the design process. Think about how you are going to be able to use the pool and just go have fun.”

Get Started on Your Pool

If you like what Paul has to say, and interested in the design of your own custom pool, then turn to the professionals at All Seasons Pools. Schedule an appointment and discuss your pool ideas with an experienced pool designer that will work with you to meet your requirements. Visit or contact All Seasons Pools today.

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About All Seasons Pools

All Seasons Pools has been a trusted pool expert for Orlando, St.Augustine, Jacksonville, The Villages and other Atlantic coast communities since 1979. Started by John and Diane Watts, they specialize in creating amazing and unique backyard retreats for families to enjoy, including top-of-the-line custom pools and amazing outdoor living areas. They work hard to fulfill their motto to “leave every customer with a smile.”

As members of the Association of Pool & Spa Professions and Florida Swimming Pool Association, they put a strong emphasis on being strong, reliable builders and staying up-to-date on the latest pool industry technology and design trends. Visit their swimming pool gallery to see pools ranging from signature and geometric designs to natural forms.

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