Why You Should Build Your Pool in the Fall or Winter

build your pool in the fall

Florida is not exactly known for blustery winters and excessive amounts of snow. In fact, it usually doesn’t get cold enough to require pool owners to have to cover or winterize their pool at the end of the year. However, most homeowners aren’t exactly keen on swimming in the middle of December. If you’ve been wanting a pool for your Orlando, Jacksonville or St. Augustine backyard, here’s why you should build your pool in the fall or winter.

Prices are Low and the Weather’s Cool

Considering the fact that many determine the winter as “off-season” for swimming, prices could be lower than they might be during the summer. As everyone gears up for the holidays, their first concern probably isn’t with installing the pool they dreamed about all summer. But if you jump on the chance to build your pool in the fall or winter, you could be saving yourself a major chunk of change.

Not to mention that the unbearable Florida summer sun has passed, so that you and your pool builders don’t have to swelter in the heat. Additionally, if you have a hot tub or heater installed along with your pool, you might even get to enjoy it before the weather heats back up.

Landscaping Will Be Ready for the Summer

Having a pool built in the fall or winter will give your yard time to cover from the construction. You can also get back out in your yard during the spring to do some landscaping, if you so desire. The weather won’t be hot just yet, and you can make your yard even more picture-perfect before the summer rolls around.

If you have a natural pool built, the gardens and trees surrounding it will have the time to get settled and look healthy before you throw your first summer bash. Additional water features, a fire pit or pool lighting can further enhance your yard’s ambiance. All of which can be installed during the construction process and enjoyed even before the summer gets here.

To take things a step further, you could turn your backyard into your own luxury getaway. Decks and outdoor living spaces can make a great addition to a swimming pool. So when you have a pool built and completed in the fall or winter, you could also have time to add a deck or outdoor space before the summer comes along.

You Can Swim Come Summertime

Building your pool in the fall or winter can ensure that the project will be done before summertime. You won’t be waiting around as the temperature gets hotter and hotter, you can jump right in as soon as you’re ready! Also, if you’re planning on birthday parties or other gatherings of the sort for the summer, you can rest assured knowing that your pool will be ready long beforehand.

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