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20 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Enclosed Pool Areas

Having an enclosed pool is a great way to help keep your pool clean and free from the hassle of mosquitoes and other pests. It’s also a good safety measure for wandering neighborhood children and pets. The only downside is that it can be difficult to come up with landscaping ideas that unite your enclosed pool with its surrounding landscape. If you have an enclosed pool area, then check out these 20 low maintenance landscaping ideas that will make your pool feel more like an outdoor space.

1 – Find plants native to your area. They are likely to be more affordable, readily available and are already acclimated to the weather in your region.

2 – Plant succulents or cacti. They require almost no maintenance, just make sure that they are a suitable distance away from the pool.

3 – If you’re creating raised beds or containers, use materials that complement your pool design. Only use quality building materials- they’ll be better able to withstand the sun and reduce the need for frequent repair or maintenance. Note: It is often best to build these as part of your pool design. If you are building or remodelling an enclosed pool, discuss raised bedding areas with your All Seasons pool designer.

We built raised beds into this design to bring the color and feel of the outdoors into this enclosed pool area.

4 – Use planters, planter boxes, pots and hanging baskets whenever possible, instead of planting directly in the ground.

5 – It’s easiest to skip grass altogether in an enclosed pool area as it requires frequent watering (which can be tricky) and mowing gets messy. Consider using no-mow grass varieties or even artificial grass.

6 – You could also replace grass areas with mulch, stone or gravel. Add a few potted plants or shrubs to the area to add some extra color and vibrancy.

7 – Make up for the loss of greenery by adding large planters of ornamental grasses. They bring a softness to the design of your pool deck and are very low maintenance.

8 – Plant flowering shrubs instead of large arrangements of flowers. They are easier to care for than most varieties of flowers and offer plenty of vibrant greenery.

9 – When you do decide to plant flowers, choose perennials, as they should come back again each year, keeping you from having to replant new flowers the following year.

10 – Use self-watering reservoirs or a self-watering drip system to keep your potted plants watered. This saves you the trouble of frequent watering and saves your plants from neglect when life gets busy.

11 – Use old water bottles to create irrigation system near your plants. Puncture holes around the bottle, stuff an old sock inside, and bury the bottle up to the neck near a plant. Simply fill water and close the cap. Refill the water as needed every couple of weeks.

12 – Add solar powered garden lights to your planters. When all the lighting comes from your pool, your landscape gets lost in the darkness.

13 – Consider adding potted trees to soften the corners of your enclosure and bring the outdoors in. There are many varieties of palms that do well in pots as well as bamboo, boxwood, crepe myrtles and Japanese Maples, to name just a few.

We created this signature pool design with raised beds for trees and green underplanting.

14 – Underplant potted trees with flowering vines and ivy to bring in more color.

15 – Avoid placing potted trees too close to the water. This will cut down on the amount of foliage and other debris that ends up in your pool.

16 – Add color variety by choosing large leafed plants in a range of hues like purple leaf alocasias or red leaf bromeliads and philodendrons.

This enclosed freeform pool we built in Orlando feels like it is outside because of the array of vibrant tropical plants in the poolside landscaping.

17 – Plant smaller or more delicate varieties under a hardier plant with larger leaves to filter the light. This will also add dimension to your space.

18 – Be particular about which plants your place close to the pool water. Some varieties are more sensitive and could be easily affected by pool chemicals from splashing water.

19 – If you’re unsure about which plants to choose, always opt for tropical plants. They will naturally thrive in the humid atmosphere of an enclosed pool area and are typically durable and hardy.

20 – Finally, choose what you love. Don’t include any plants in your pool landscape that don’t give you pleasure to look at. The advice of experienced gardeners and landscape designers is nice, but always make sure your end design reflects your own style. This is your special space- your getaway from the world- and it should make your heart sing every time you see it.

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