Pool Construction Process

Understanding the Swimming Pool Building Process from Start to Finish in Orlando, Sanford & Clermont

Take a look at the step-by-step process of building one of our Orlando, Jacksonville or Davenport swimming pools. You will be able to see the skill and craftsmanship of our Orlando pool builders as a bare piece of land becomes the pool of you and your family’s dreams.

Watch Our Swimming Pool Builders at Work

pool design process

The first step in the construction process will be meeting with one of our skilled designers to create a 3D rendering of your dream pool. Our goal is to design your family the perfect pool.

sod strip

Once everything has been finalized, permits are issued, and your construction superintendent has met with you and your family, our excavator will strip the sod and prep the area for construction to begin.

form layout & pool shape

After the sod is stripped and hauled away, the forms will be staked out in the shape of your swimming pool, to prepare for the hole to be dug & shaped.


When the forms are completed, the back hoe and dump truck arrive to dig the hole and to haul away the extra dirt if necessary. The hole is hand crafted by a skilled shaper using the back hoe.

steel installation

After the digging and shaping is complete, the plumbing under the swimming pool is installed and the steel is bent and tied into place prior to installing the gunite.

gunite application

When the steel inspection has been approved, the gunite is pneumatically applied to the steel and hand carved into shape. Don’t miss out on this process. The skill of these craftsmen are amazing!

gunite shell completed

After the gunite is completed, your project is beginning to look like your dream pool! Now we are ready for the rough grade.

gunite shell completed

The rough grade includes removing the forms and then the ground is graded. This prepares for the plumbing, tile, and deck to be installed.

plumbing installation

Once the rough grade is completed, our plumber installs the remainder of the underground plumbing around the swimming pool and sets all of the swimming pool’s equipment.


Once the plumbing is completed, the waterline tile is installed around the perimeter of the swimming pool.


After the tile phase is completed, the deck & footers are formed. Then the cantilever forms are installed on the tile to shape the cantilevered edge on the deck.

layout & concrete trowel

After the deck inspection and form work are completed, the concrete will be laid out by one of our expert concrete finishers.

finished concrete

The finished concrete leaves a nice flat surface for our texture crew to apply the acrylic.

texture applied to deck

Here is what the textured acrylic looks like after it has been pneumatically applied and troweled prior to the first coat of paint.

completed texture with paint

After the texture is complete, the entire deck gets a fresh coat of 100% acrylic deck paint with your choice of color.

final grade clean up

At this point in the construction process the grading crew comes out to tidy up the jobsite and put the finishing touches on the grade.

installation screen enclosure

After the final grade, the screen enclosure is installed along with the safety barrier to prepare for the barrier inspection prior to installing the pool interior.

prep for installation of set step tile

Before the pool interior can be installed, the entire swimming pool is cleaned out and the step tile is installed. You’re getting closer to swim time!

interior installation and fill pool

Now the swimming pool interior is installed and the swimming pool is filled with water. One more step and it’s time to swim!

start up pool and balance chemicals

Once the pool is completely filled, our service technician starts up the pool equipment, cleans everything and balances the chemicals. Now it’s time to jump in and start enjoying life with an All Seasons Pool!

Please note that the process will vary somewhat with each pool because each one is unique and custom built to our customers’ preferences. To see more examples of All Seasons Pools’ finished work, visit our Davenport pools gallery. And give us a call today at 877-410-7665 to get started on building your backyard oasis.