An EnviroPool+ is a high efficiency water distribution and management system, designed to continuously pump freshly-filtered, chemically treated water throughout your entire pool by way of strategically located, patented, pop-up, rotating floor returns.

Since no electricity is needed to power this innovative valve, no additional energy costs are associated with its usage after installation. Each hour, the floor returns make several complete 360-degree rotations, effectively circulating all the water in your pool in a fraction of the time it would take for an ordinary pool to distribute the same water.


  • 5-Port Valve System
  • 6 Heads

Heads available in six colors

Key Benefits of the system

Improves circulation

Improved circulation is critical to a healthy water balance in every pool. Poor circulation means uneven distribution of chemicals and loss due to evaporation and dissipation
from splash out, sun, and wind. Instead of a return line only at the top of the pool, the EnviroPool+ adds highflow pop-up heads to the pool design, instantly improving circulation.

Saves up to 50% on chemicals

With an EnviroPool+, the additional floor returns circulate sanitized, freshly filtered water throughout the pool, lowering the possibility of algae growth. Since the sanitizer is completely circulated throughout the entire pool, it results in a significant savings in chemicals.

Conserves electric energy

The EnviroPool+ water valve uses no electricity, and can significantly reduce the run time of the heating equipment by recirculating heated water.

More comfortable swimming

Ordinary pools receive heated water from the sidewall inlet, near the surface. Since heat rises, the top portion of the pool stays warmer than the deeper areas, creating cold spots.
EnviroPool+ returns heated water from the floor and side which will heat the pool 25% more efficiently than standard wall returns which will lower heating costs 25%. This makes
swimming more pleasant and extends the swimming season.

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