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Heating options for your swimming pool installation

You don’t want to stop using your new swimming pool or spa just because summer’s over. You want the option to take a dip or lounge blissfully with your favorite drink no matter what the temperature is outside. Whether you’re in it for the fitness or the relaxation, All Seasons Pools can help you pick the right heater for your upcoming swimming pool installation.

With over 30 years of experience installing pools and heaters in the North & Central Florida area, we know what will and won’t keep your new pool and/or spa at the perfect temperature so you can use it however and whenever you like. If you have any questions about the swimming pool heater options below you can call us anytime at (877) 410-7665 or use this form to contact us today.


Swimming pool heater models


Hi-E2 : Cut your heating costs by up to 30%. This model comes with a 95% heating efficiency rating that’s great for swimming pool installations, spas, and pool/spa combinations. The surface ignition system eliminates the need for a pilot light. Perfect for extreme weather and unusual locations.

Legacy Heaters

Legacy Heaters: These swimming pool water heaters feature high-efficiency, copper heat-exchangers that lower the amount of heat needed to heat your pool. Whether you chose the electric ignition or the standing pilot light, you’ll get a user-friendly and energy-efficient heater for your swimming pool installation.


LXi: The Jandy LXi swimming pool heaters don’t just meet standards for NOx emissions– the fan-assisted heating and hot surface ignition system exceed them while providing luxurious, warm water in all weather conditions.

Contact us with any questions you have

After more than 30 years of installing pools throughout Florida, we’ve learned which heaters work best in our unique weather. If you have any questions about swimming pool installation options outlined above, be sure to review the rest of our swimming pool products.

Don’t see what you need or want there? Don’t worry. Just call us at (877) 410-7665 or contact us using this form. We can discuss all your options– from water features and other luxuries, to the nitty-gritty of plumbing and electrical.

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